A Triple Single Rainbow Craz Loom Bracelet

Single Rainbow Craz Loom Bracelet

There are many, many different styles and techniques that are being incorporated with the Craz Loom kit. Some of them are really neat. Teens and young kids everywhere are trying to beat each other with the next creative style for the Craz Loom bands and bracelets. I have already had more than 17 videos sent to me for inclusion on this site. I have to see them first and make sure that the reader is going to benefit from the video. After all, there are kids watching these and these are pretty much for the kids, so I have to make sure that they will understand the video and more importantly be able to follow along.

The Craz Loom generation has begun and there are countless teens and young kids exploring the next big band technique. So for those that are just trying to learn the basics, what these videos on this site, and the rest will come so, so easy to you. Remember to order your kit, before the holidays and before you get shut out. I watched as Toys R Us sold over 150 sets in one day. These sets are going to keep selling out each and every week. Get ready to order yours today.

How To Make The Fishtail Rainbow CraZ Loom Bracelet

The Craz Loom Fishtail Rainbow Bracelet

As the Craz Loom craze continues more and more people are turning to videos to learn the secret methods to create Craz Loom magic. As part of the Craz Loom revolution, I am going to bring to you some of the top videos all under one roof or roof top site.

These videos are going to teach the techniques that are going to make you the star of your school and with all the cool techniques, you are going to be the expert that everyone turns to for tips. Can you imagine some of the new projects that students everywhere will be able to make with the Craz Loom rubber bands? I can.

Most of what you need here you will be able to find in the Craz Loom kit, you can expect to pay between $15.00 – $21.00 for the kit depending on where you get the kit from. If you purchase the kit from Amazon, which I provide right here, it will be right in that ballpark. Sometimes you can even get free shipping. Get your kit today. Watch the video and enjoy.

Purchase Colorful Silicone Loom Bands – 600ct

Craz Loom

Craz Loom

Colorful Silicone Cra Z Loom bands

There are many different accessories to the Loom rubberband family, but you cannot get anything done without the loom rubber bands. This is the 600 ct pack of silicone rubber bands. This should keep you going for a while. At least 24 bracelets depending on what you want to make and how much color you want to incorporate into your specialty bands.

Cra-Z Loom bands are taking the holiday season by storms as this is on everyone’s want list. Not just kids either. Teens as well. I drove by a local high school the other day and everyone was wearing them. My own kids had me searching for the CraZ Loom bands and kits and this where I found them. As well I am going to list the stores that I know are selling these in my hometown.

  • Toys R Us (They also are holding seminars for kids on Saturday and helping them make them)
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Amazon (Of course, my chosen method of purchase and delivery)
  • K-Mart

Here is a really cool video on how to make a rainbow / starburst loom bracelet. This video has over 3.4 million views, so most certainly this is something worth watching and placing on this site. Enjoy.